Wednesday, March 11, 2009

train of thought

I find I talk to my self while I commute (it's not that wierd. Really!). Here are some random thoughts that I find pop into my head often

hmm why is the train making that noise?

which door opens at this stop?

am I on the right train? (note: i haven't gotten on the wrong train. yet.)

ooooh boot envy! (this is a very regular occurance as I often covet other girls' boots/coats/scarves/bags/whatever)

I wonder if his wife helped him pick out his clothes?

geeze. I wore too much/too little clothing today. I'm hot/cold!

I wonder if I can make it across the street in 5 seconds. oops, no. sorry mr. truck driver!

Is it icy or just wet?

That is a really cute dog. That rides the escalator (back story: there is a blind woman who commutes from my metro stop. She has a german shepherd seeing-eye dog. they are amazing).

Everybody in this neighborhood is a running fool.

I wonder if he is a spy.

What is she reading? can'

I wonder where they are traveling to/from? (I live on the line that goes through Reagan Airport, so I see lots of people with suitcases, before or after their flight).

I hope that family had a good time touring the capitol, the mom sure is enthusiastic.


Emily said...

I bet you've met at least one spy. I often have thoughts like these while driving. Although I haven't had the spy thought. I doubt many spies live in Gville.

Dawn McKinstry said...

I. Loved. This. (I'm glad I'm not the only one)

jmodica said...

I often have boot/purse/accessory envy! Come to think of it...many times it would happen when you visited me! Or, when I would help you pack- ah, your jewelry. :)