Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's in a name?

 My full name is Allison, but ever since they brought me home from the hospital my family has called me Alli. I can clearly remember my mother asking me what I wanted to be called in school when she registered me for pre-kindergarten. For some reason, I told her Allison. Maybe it sounded more grown up to me. So for my grade school career I was known as Allison in class, but Alli to close friends and family. Erin is the only one in my family who consistently calls my by my full name, a result of her going to the same school as me. When I went to college, more and more people started calling me Alli. I think the major reason for this was Emily, my oldest sister, was around more, and people adopted it from her. I've always used Allison as my professional name, so I'm Allison on paper but Alli out loud. I never thought that I cared that much what people called me. I always gave them the choice.
Well, now that I've moved away from my friends and family, very few people call me Alli. I didn't realize how much I missed it until Sam came to visit this weekend, calling me (and introducing me as) Alli. It was a little piece of home.

Sam and my angry faces. I think we were cold.


Tater Daidone said...

I know How you feel. My first name is Tater and my middle name is Tyler. Now Tater is a very strange name indeed, So i usually get tyler, only my close friends call me Tater. I think it can be frustration because im always registered as Tyler. I tell everyone my name is Tater but no on takes me seriously.
All in all, i can relate to your story because its nice to hear what you miss. Puts a smile on your face. =)

Dawn McKinstry said...

You'll always be Alli to me!!

jmodica said...

Not sure who this Allison character is...kidding! But, you will always be Alli Alli bo Balli to me!! :)