Monday, September 29, 2008


I went to Tampa this weekend to switch out my car and I ended up tagging along to a Bachelorette party downtown. This was a golf-themed party, so argyle was in style. It was a great time, and I think the bride had a lot of fun. The outfits attracted a lot of attention, made our group more cohesive and distinguished us from all the other bridal parties out and about. 

Playing Mommy

While Emily was out of town last week I got the opportunity to take her spot in the family. Of course there is no substitute for Mommy, but I tried. Kaity, Will and even John were all relatively well behaved. They listened to me for the most part and didn't throw too many tantrums (well John had that one... but I gave him a beer and he was ok). 
One of my favorite things about little kids is all the great things they say. They are constantly surprising me, either with astute observations or an ever expanding vocabulary.

My favorite thing Kaity told me was that I shouldn't worry, I would marry a boy. And until then, I had her as a girlfriend. 

I'm glad the 3-year-old has confidence in my future.

investigating Indiana

It seems like I've been on the road for the last month or so. I visited Anna and Sam in Lafayette, IN, for a few days to check out their new set ups. While there, it constantly rained, but at least it was a reasonable temperature. Their apartments are fabulous, converted old houses in the historic district of town. I'm sure it will be pretty with a coat of snow, but also really cold. 
I met the girls' new friends and also saw our friends from the Honduras trip. It was great catching up with everyone and meeting the new people in my girls' lives.
The highlight of my visit was Breakfast Club at Purdue. Breakfast Club is a very unique tradition. For every home football game, Purdue students dress up in ridiculous costumes and go to the bar. At 7am. We saw everything from the Hungry, Hungry Hippos to Indians to Michael Phelps (with his speedo and gold medals of course). The girls and I dressed straight out of the 1980's, and I told people we were the Bangles. Our friends dressed as rednecks and pulled off the look impeccably. I would post pictures, but they could be used as evidence against me in the future.