Monday, August 11, 2008

a Flaig-influenced sunday

Yesterday Anna and Gretchen were in town and volunteered their experience and energy to help me make my house a little more homey. This is really the first house I have had that I am allowed to hang things (aka put holes in the wall). Needless to say, I have no confidence in my abilities. So my two wonderful friends came with all their knowledge from their interior designer mother. They are also very creative, innovative and handy. The results are phenomenal - in my 'hobby room' I have three rows of shelves on two walls for record covers. It looks so good. I'm really very impressed that it works, looks great and only took an afternoon.

In my living room, we hung a collage of internationally-themed items. The large tapestry to the left is of Blue-Footed Boobies. It was a present from Anna, from the Galapagos Islands. The big plate I brought back from Mexico. The fish (on the wood plate) is from the Virgin Islands. The other items are just random things I had. 

Finally in my bedroom we hung this:
 I have been trying to do this for some time. I got the two birds a year ago when I visited our extended family in Ohio. A great relative of some kind crocheted them. I've been looking for a way to display them, but I couldn't find a cheap frame that was big enough that I liked. This frame is from Anna's old bedroom, and has a cork backing. So we just covered it in fabric and used straight pins to attach the birds. I think it looks fabulous, and it's exactly what I imagined. More projects to come include hanging curtains (once I find them), finding lampshades (I have great bases but the College Town appears to have a deficit of shades) and hanging some more art in the bedroom.