Monday, March 30, 2009

Pig Bomb!

Friday night I was watching the Discovery Channel [I love the trivia on Cash Cab. People know more than you might think!] and a documentary came on entitled "Pig Bomb." It was about the massive population explosion of feral hogs in the U.S. and how some areas have populations that are getting bigger and meaner. While this is a serious problem that any landowner or farmer in the South can tell you about, I thought the title of the documentary was just hilarious. Honestly, who thought "pig bomb" was a good idea? It sounds like something you would do to a younger sibling, like hog tying (PS Emily I still remember that...). Also, they interviewed people for the show. You know, hunters, farmers, landowners. And then SUBTITLED them. They were indeed speaking English, just with a slight draw, if you will. And in the subtitles, they fixed their cultural slang so it was proper grammar. What's the etiquette on that?

It reminds me of the time i went hog huntin in Okeechobee with a friend's family. They went all out with their swamp buggies -

I rode on a buggy with a guy named Buck. His dog was also named Buck. He acknowledged that it was strange, but the dog came with the name and wouldn't answer to anything else. We didn't have great luck that night - we probably only caught 6 hogs. It was fun though!

Friday, March 20, 2009

the first day of spring!

Since today was the 'official' first day of spring (even though it was chillier today than the last couple days) I decided to plant some flowers. This is part of my attempt to make my house more like a home, and less sad. Our neighborhood is filled with cute, pleasant houses that are well landscaped. Most of our neighbors own their homes, making us different, and I feel like you can tell. We shall see if these flowers actually survive... when I bought them this morning I thought our yard was partial to full sun. After staying home today and paying attention, it looks like we might be more partial to shady. 

I want to plant a raised bed against this fence. It is definitely full sun. Got any good ideas about raised beds? I don't really want to build one myself, but I am considering it. Also, its right next to where my neighbor parks. Taboo for a veggie garden?

don't fence me in

These girls - these sweet, sweet puppies - have been terrorizing the neighborhood. Well more they want to play with everyone who walks by and people do not want to play with them. After a complaint last week, we decided we need to keep them in the backyard, away from pedestrians using our sidewalk (and there are a lot of people who walk by). 
The space between the front and back yard. There is a cobble path from the patio to this arbor. I decided to use the arbor as support on one side of the fence. Unfortunately we couldn't put the garbage can behind the fence - I can't afford (and don't really want) to put in a gate. 
Scooter knew something big was going on. I decided to buy post hole diggers this morning after looking at our high-clay content. 
Annnd... finished. It looks good and is pretty sturdy. The dogs can't really dig under it because there are pavers under the majority of it. We will have to watch whether they dig under the chain-link. luckily my neighbor also has a fenced yard and likes the girls.
And now that I don't have to worry about Ruby eating my plants, I can garden in the front yard and make our house look a little less sad.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Train conductor the other day:

"Please remember that when you hear the train door ding it does NOT mean 'run for the door.' It means 'Please step away, this door is shutting.' DO NOT jump into the closing doors. It's rude and dangerous. And there is no running in the train station anyway."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

REAL snow

not like that fake snow we had earlier this year.

train of thought

I find I talk to my self while I commute (it's not that wierd. Really!). Here are some random thoughts that I find pop into my head often

hmm why is the train making that noise?

which door opens at this stop?

am I on the right train? (note: i haven't gotten on the wrong train. yet.)

ooooh boot envy! (this is a very regular occurance as I often covet other girls' boots/coats/scarves/bags/whatever)

I wonder if his wife helped him pick out his clothes?

geeze. I wore too much/too little clothing today. I'm hot/cold!

I wonder if I can make it across the street in 5 seconds. oops, no. sorry mr. truck driver!

Is it icy or just wet?

That is a really cute dog. That rides the escalator (back story: there is a blind woman who commutes from my metro stop. She has a german shepherd seeing-eye dog. they are amazing).

Everybody in this neighborhood is a running fool.

I wonder if he is a spy.

What is she reading? can'

I wonder where they are traveling to/from? (I live on the line that goes through Reagan Airport, so I see lots of people with suitcases, before or after their flight).

I hope that family had a good time touring the capitol, the mom sure is enthusiastic.