Friday, March 20, 2009

the first day of spring!

Since today was the 'official' first day of spring (even though it was chillier today than the last couple days) I decided to plant some flowers. This is part of my attempt to make my house more like a home, and less sad. Our neighborhood is filled with cute, pleasant houses that are well landscaped. Most of our neighbors own their homes, making us different, and I feel like you can tell. We shall see if these flowers actually survive... when I bought them this morning I thought our yard was partial to full sun. After staying home today and paying attention, it looks like we might be more partial to shady. 

I want to plant a raised bed against this fence. It is definitely full sun. Got any good ideas about raised beds? I don't really want to build one myself, but I am considering it. Also, its right next to where my neighbor parks. Taboo for a veggie garden?

1 comment:

Dawn McKinstry said...

Your flowers look so happy! Literally. They look like a smiley face. :)