Friday, March 20, 2009

don't fence me in

These girls - these sweet, sweet puppies - have been terrorizing the neighborhood. Well more they want to play with everyone who walks by and people do not want to play with them. After a complaint last week, we decided we need to keep them in the backyard, away from pedestrians using our sidewalk (and there are a lot of people who walk by). 
The space between the front and back yard. There is a cobble path from the patio to this arbor. I decided to use the arbor as support on one side of the fence. Unfortunately we couldn't put the garbage can behind the fence - I can't afford (and don't really want) to put in a gate. 
Scooter knew something big was going on. I decided to buy post hole diggers this morning after looking at our high-clay content. 
Annnd... finished. It looks good and is pretty sturdy. The dogs can't really dig under it because there are pavers under the majority of it. We will have to watch whether they dig under the chain-link. luckily my neighbor also has a fenced yard and likes the girls.
And now that I don't have to worry about Ruby eating my plants, I can garden in the front yard and make our house look a little less sad.

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Dawn McKinstry said...

I'm seriously impressed! That fence looks good!