Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more snow photos

friendly neighborhood snowman (made with trash)
near Target, a couple blocks from the house.

man she loves the snow.
Wonderland (bar up the block) snowman. With PBR and a wink.
She may or may not be peeing.
so photogenic. probably watching snowflakes.
The wind was too much.
Vines on the neighbor's house.

DC Snowmageddon 2010

So much snow. Even Ruby is a little overwhelmed by all of it (not really). Snow started falling Friday morning, around 11. We got off work 4 hours early to ensure people had enough travel time, but it didn't really start sticking until about 3. The real storm didn't start until later that night, around 8. Chloe and I went to a friend's house within walking distance for dinner and socialization before the blizzard. Walking home was not fun. the wind was gusting snow into our faces and under our hoods. Saturday it snowed all day, finally stopping around 5. We had girls over for chili and a movie and then went out and played in the fresh powder. That night I got the stomach flu and it laid me up for the next few days... and I'm still feeling the wrath. But the good news is that we've gotten 3 straight days off of work, and I haven't used any sick leave! It also means I haven't gotten that many pictures. That's ok, because there's more snow falling now!

Contemplating the snow up to her chest.

After our walk home Friday night.
Friday night, Joe rolling a giant snowball.
This is actually from a storm we had last week that dropped 3-5 inches. it was so pretty.
Also from the baby storm last week.