Monday, March 30, 2009

Pig Bomb!

Friday night I was watching the Discovery Channel [I love the trivia on Cash Cab. People know more than you might think!] and a documentary came on entitled "Pig Bomb." It was about the massive population explosion of feral hogs in the U.S. and how some areas have populations that are getting bigger and meaner. While this is a serious problem that any landowner or farmer in the South can tell you about, I thought the title of the documentary was just hilarious. Honestly, who thought "pig bomb" was a good idea? It sounds like something you would do to a younger sibling, like hog tying (PS Emily I still remember that...). Also, they interviewed people for the show. You know, hunters, farmers, landowners. And then SUBTITLED them. They were indeed speaking English, just with a slight draw, if you will. And in the subtitles, they fixed their cultural slang so it was proper grammar. What's the etiquette on that?

It reminds me of the time i went hog huntin in Okeechobee with a friend's family. They went all out with their swamp buggies -

I rode on a buggy with a guy named Buck. His dog was also named Buck. He acknowledged that it was strange, but the dog came with the name and wouldn't answer to anything else. We didn't have great luck that night - we probably only caught 6 hogs. It was fun though!

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Kim said...

We've got hogs around these parts. I was riding my bike at San Felasco and came across an area that looked like it had been shelled. I learned later that it was hog damage -- they stick their tusks in the ground and root around in an incredibly destructive way.

Weird about the subtitles. I hate when movie makers add subtitles when they're not really necessary. It always feels racist/classist/whateverist to me.

And great picture of the swamp buggie!