Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gainesville Bucket List

Now that I am officially leaving Gainesville, I have to say a proper goodbye to the town I've come to love. So I created a "bucket list" of things i have to do before I leave town (or maybe to do when I visit) and I'm posting it here, per Jodi's suggestion:
Restaurants to eat at/Bars to patronize:
The Top
Jeff’s Deli
Tim & Terry’s
Market Street
Trombone charlie’s
Café gardens

Before I leave I have to have dinner with:

Aubrey & Charlie

Hannah, Will & Joey

The Eubanks (Both sets)

The AEC gang

Jodi and the girls

Places to see / things to do:

Millhopper State park

Payne’s Prairie

Melrose (yay Thanksgiving!)

Fishing (hopefully Thanksgiving)


Canoeing/Kayaking on Springs/River/Gulf something water related

bats (the campus bat house) 


Ward's Grocery

Farmer's market

Urban Thread (Ok, so this is shopping... a little different)

Hopefully I will get to everything on my list. I have a lot of stuff to do and not a whole lot of time. If you think of anything else to add or would like to help me accomplish anything on the list, let me know! I will try to put up pictures as I go along. 


Dawn McKinstry said...

We have a canoe and could take you out on the Santa Fe!

AlliJean said...

I will hopefully take you up on that!

jmodica said...

Satchels- Check! :)