Monday, November 17, 2008


A change is blowing in the wind. I'm leaving the literal swamps of Florida and headed for the political quagmire of Washington, DC. I've been offered a job working with the USDA in the CSREES . I guess I'm going to start talking in acronyms (even more than I already do!). This is the building I will be working in:
And this is what is directly across the street:
I'm looking forward to eating my lunch on a park bench looking at the river. 
I've started looking for an apartment, and boy is it going to be a headache. Housing prices are extraordinarily high anywhere near DC, but luckily I will be getting a significant raise. Taking Ruby will be a challenge also, but I'm pretty sure it can be done. It seems like everyone has a friend that lives in DC or has lived there themselves, so I'm getting a lot of advice.
 I am NOT looking forward to going through all of my things and throwing out the majority of it. I need to prioritize my belongings and figure out what I might be able to sell and what is worth taking with me. Most (if not all) of my furniture is disposable, but I like it and don't want to start from scratch. But honestly, it doesn't need to travel 800 miles. So, anyone need any household items?


Dawn McKinstry said...

I like the new blog header. Congratulations (again)! I'm so excited for you! But I feel your pain about moving. Good luck!

Jodi said...

Sounds like i need to come over and help you sort and prioritize!! Let me know when you want to start and I will be there! :)

Can't wait to come up and see you in DC. Put me down for when the cherry blossoms are blooming, I am so there!

AlliJean said...

Thanks Dawn!

Jodi - You are welcome to come over whenever you want. I needed to start throwing things out yesterday! And you are of course welcome in DC to crash on my hypothetical couch. I think March is cherry blossom time. Maybe accompany Sebastian's class???