Thursday, May 14, 2009

my own little piece of land

i built a raised bed garden for myself! I ordered the metal corner pieces off-line because the only place it could be was my front yard and I wanted it to be presentable for my neighbors. and lets be honest, there was a 50/50 chance it wasn't going to be presentable, especially if i had to use tools. But I didn't read the product description and i had to use my drill anyway. It was completely successful, mainly because my father gave me a crash course in the drill before he left me to fend for myself in the cold, cold North. So glad my parents made me an independent person.
On to the bed! I got the boards cut to size - untreated wood of course. look how much grass we have now that the dogs can't go in the front yard! The roomie 'mowed' with a weedwacker the day before this. I wish I had been home to see it. I put down newspaper (that my neighbor generously donated) to kill off the grass and filled it with a mixture of horse manure, soil and compost.

Then I planted! tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, herbs, lettuce and sunflowers. I feel like the lettuce won't do well and i think i might have overplanted, but i can always thin it out later.
And I made a discovery! We have wild strawberries growing along the side of the house. not good to eat, but they are pretty and cheerful.


Emily said...

It looks great!

Dawn McKinstry said...

I love it! Yay for fresh veggies!