Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which we eat a lot of cake, shaped like a cup

I had two wonderful gals pay me a visit for my birthday: the lovely Dawn and Jodi. I have known Jodi for approximately 6 years (we can't ever decide when we became friends!) and Dawn is her twin, who also happens to be the talented photographer for my sis's wedding.
We ate,
we touristed it up,
we went to a musuem,
we walked,
we shopped,
we ate some more,
we danced,
we watched a sheep get sheared,
we went to another musuem,
we walked some more,
we shopped some more,
we laughed,
we ate a lot more,
we watched some movies, and the rain,
we got some random comments,
we watched a family fall down on the metro-with bikes,
and finally, ate even more.
I took all of 3 photos during the weekend-blame it on me trying to be a good host. But Jodi did an excellent job of blogging her trip.
We also conducted a terribly unofficial survey of cupcakeries in DC. We visited 2 of the 4 I know of: Red Velvet in Pen Quarter and Georgetown Cupcake in Georgetown. Georgetown was the ultimate winner. It's a good thing that that store is difficult for me to get to... otherwise I would be an expert.

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Dawn McKinstry said...

Ahh! The family with the bikes! I'll never forget that. Thanks for the awesome weekend Alli! I hope you had a happy birthday weekend. :)