Monday, February 16, 2009

Cotton in the big City

This past weekend Sam was in DC for the Cotton Council Meeting with her family. They are from a small town and are good "salt of the earth" people. I got to hang out and be a tourist with them. They really made it a fun weekend. 
We got to tour the Capitol - something I didn't put on my list, but now I'm adding it so I can cross it off.
Tyler came out to the Old Ebitt Grill for a drink and oysters with us. The Old Ebitt, est. in 1856, is the oldest dining saloon in DC.

We had Mojtos at the Round Robin Bar, a super classy joint right next to the White House.

The Mural inside the Capitol.

The whole herd on the Capitol steps. 


Dawn McKinstry said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the expression on the bartender's face. I hope that I get to come up and visit you soon.

AlliJean said...

yes it was a lot of fun! and that bartender was a trip. You do need to come visit! You have a place to stay!