Sunday, January 18, 2009

two pairs of tights and a blue wax owl.

My stuff finally made it's way to VA! There are boxes strewn around the house, and I have no idea where anything is, but its all here. Now I have to sort and organize.
 It's kind of like opening presents on Christmas morning.  unwrap - it's a wooden spoon! unwrap - it's a scarf! unwrap - it's a blue wax owl (yes I own a blue wax owl). Every item has 3 sheets of heavy paper on it. It's no wonder that it looks like I have so much stuff. Also, I don't know what I'm going to do with all these boxes. Illegal dumpster run? I don't know the recycling procedures in this area yet.
We have been celebrating my new roommate's birthday over the last couple of days. She had a friend come into town and we went out Friday and Saturday. It was a good time, we ate at two really good restaurants and hit up bars in Arlington and the District. You could spend a lot of money fast if your not careful. I'm going to have to make myself stick to more of a budget once everything gets settled. But it was Amanda's birthday, so it was a special occasion. That's also why I wore a dress out in the [literally] freezing cold. I didn't want to be the uncooperative roommate. I did wear 2 pairs of tights though. 
Again I PROMISE to post pictures soon. But I would prefer to do it when my house looks a little more put together. sorry. 
PS I'm going to start post the temp when I blog. it's currently 40 degrees out, but Friday and yesterday the wind chill was in the negative.

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Dawn McKinstry said...

That's so funny, I can totally see you doing this. Unwrapping random objects... It's a scarf!! ;)