Thursday, January 29, 2009

the saga of the bark collar

The first week I moved in to my new house, a neighbor came and knocked on my door. She asked me if I might be able to keep Ruby inside. It was 9:30 at night, she was barking at something and the neighbor had a sleeping 9-month-old. Because the back door has a doggy door, it's difficult for me to control her habit. So I bought her a bark collar. I started out with a citronella spray collar. Every time she barks it sprays citronella. The smell, sound and spray are supposed to surprise her. Well. the dogs conspired and got the collar off while I was at work. Then they chewed it to bits.

After a couple days without a collar (and a lot of barking) I went back to the store and got a SHOCK collar. Well, it works, I guess. But the dogs are too smart. Again they got it off of Ruby, this time in the snowy yard. Luckily it's waterproof.

So the next day I put it back on her. Once again, I got home that afternoon and Ruby was collarless. I didn't have to look far. In the middle of the living room was her shock collar. they had chewed it and it was missing the battery. I found the battery, the collar still worked (although it's probably not waterproof anymore) and I soaked it in Bitter Yuck.
Today it was still on Ruby, although it had been loosened. 
I'm hoping she just learns her lesson and I won't have to deal with this anymore. 


Dawn McKinstry said...

I love the photo of her sitting in the snow looking up at you, she's like "Whaattt Mom?!?"

jmodica said...

HAHAHA....sorry, had to laugh, this post is hilarious. Poor you though! Did the spray collar at least make your house smell nice? :)