Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Made it!

I'm officially a resident of Alexandria, VA! Dad and I made it here around 1pm on Sunday, after a long, but not terrible, drive. Ruby was very good in the car. She slept most of the way, with her head propped between the two front seats. She only tried to breach the cockpit a few times, slowly sneaking over the partition. 
Once here, we poked around the apartment then went to Old Town Alexandria. This is the historical strip that has many restaurants and shops on it. We had lunch at the Hard Times Cafe, where chili is top. It was ok, I probably won't go back anytime soon with all the other options. That night I went to a sports bar in Crystal City with my roommate to watch the Carolina basketball game with some of her friends.
Monday we checked out Del Ray, which is the community I live in. Downtown is about a 15 minute walk from my house. We ate at Mancini's and window shopped. Then we went to Target to make an initial run and then to Ikea and Costco. That night we set up the cabinet I got at Ikea (there is no pantry space) and went to Al's Steakhouse, a sandwich shop. After Al turned the lights out on us (it was 7:45 and he closes at 8), we went home and spent some time with my roommate. 
Tuesday we ate in Del Ray again at the Caboose Cafe and then took the metro into DC. It's less than a 15 min walk to the metro station and then a 15-20 ride to my stop for work. We wandered around the station (its one of the big ones) trying to find the exit for my job. after exiting the wrong way, we found the right way back in. Then we walked towards the mall and went to the air and space museum. We saw only a small portion of it, but it was interesting (and free!). I can't wait to go to the American History and Natural History museums. After getting home, Dad took Amanda and I to Thai Peppers in Del Ray. It was the first time Dad and Amanda had Thai food, but I think they enjoyed it. We ducked into the Majestic Lounge for a drink, and it was not what I was expecting. It's a doorway in an alley off the main street. It has a great sign (I promise I will take a picture). It was much more swanky than I expected, with graceful lighting and expensive drinks (something I have to get used to). They have live music 4 days a week. If you come visit me, we will go here!
Wednesday Dad and I got up late and puttered around the house, then went for a ride down US 1. We drove by Mount Vernon and ate at a diner called the Magic Skillet. It was ok. After that we came home and puttered some more. Dad leaves this afternoon, and I will be on my own. I'm sad he's going, but I will be glad to have the extra blankets on my bed. It's supposed to be extremely cold for the next couple days. I'll update soon on my roommate, house and how Ruby is doing. I will also put up pictures soon!


Dawn McKinstry said...

I'm glad you're getting settled in. It sounds exciting (and cold!). And I can totally see Ruby "breaching the cockpit!" :)

Kim said...

Yay! I'm glad you've gotten at least partially settled. Good luck with the rest of the settling, and with staying warm!

jmodica said...

I love your play-by-play. Can't wait to hear more. I hope you aren't freezing up there! Miss you. Give Ruby a hug for me!

AlliJean said...

lol the play-by-play was more for my mom than anything... and for dad so he could remember what he did!