Saturday, October 4, 2008

ruby's whining

Ruby wishes I was a cooler mom. I can see it in her eyes every time we go to PetsMart. "Why can't I have the squeaky? Why am I not allowed to lick the little girl? Fargo's mommy would let him eat the treats off the bottom shelf." 
She also gives me the same look at the dog park. "Stop being so protective. Let me play in the mud. Why can't I sniff that pit bull's butt?"
She judges me. "Why can't I have a bonfire like our neighbors? like BOTH our neighbors? Why can't I visit them and their fires? I think they LOVE me constantly barking at them through the fence, telling them what they are doing wrong and why they should pay attention to me. The dust that I kick up when I play chase with the other dogs tastes wonderful in their drinks. I like it in my water. Why won't you open the gate? Do we have to go to bed so early?"
"Why can't you be cool?"

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Dawn McKinstry said...

I feel like I have the same discussions with Bee. And Bill always get to be the good guy. "Aww Bee, you want another treat - but you haven't finished your dinner? Oh, that's okay, here's three more bones anyway."