Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peanut Festival

Mary, Benny and I were looking for something to do Saturday after our plans to go tubing at Ginnie Springs fell through.  So I loaded them up and took them with me to Wacahoota to watch the Gator game with my family. Since Benny is Australian and has been in Florida for just a few days it was his first experience with American football. I think he enjoyed watching it with the rabid Gator fans in my family. After the game (ok, we left during the 3rd quarter, don't tell anyone) We went to the Williston Peanut Festival. Because it was a little late in the afternoon everything was winding down. But there were still a good amount of people out. 
There was one booth with an interesting mix of items. Some of them were antiques, some junk and other art items. This was a display:

Since we are (were) grad students, everyone knows we work for peanuts.

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