Sunday, October 12, 2008

have you ever put gel in a dog's hair?

hmm me either. I'm trying to remember if it is against the rules when showing dogs. I gave Ruby a bath this evening and started playing with all the cowlicks along her back as she was drying. If I just put some gel on her, she would look more like a border collie with all her hair standing up. Is that animal abuse? 

Ruby finds the weirdest things in the backyard. We had a photo shoot with some of the odd items that she let me put together. Some items: a coconut, walnut shells, avocado seeds, and bones. Lots of bones. Big bones. She wouldn't leave the avocado alone so it's not pictured. Every time I think she has found everything in the yard worth finding she brings up something new.
Do I talk about my dog too much? Perhaps I need a new hobby. Oh and I'm not going to put gel in her hair. She would prefer mousse. 


Dawn McKinstry said...

Ruby is more adorable the bigger she gets. I love that last picture of her with the coconut! "This is my coconut, I'm proud of it, but don't want you to have it."

Jodi said...

Hahaha...this is too cute. She is SO BIG. And adorable!