Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like comparing apples to... apples?

I am very picky about the variety of apples I eat. I can't help it. I'm spoiled. I like Galas. They are very tangy and don't seem to be as dry or mealy as the Delicious varieties. But, of course they are more expensive. I shop consistently at two grocery stores: Giant and Harris Teeter. Giant is a normal mid-to-low end grocer. Harris Teeter is much more high end. I got apples at both stores and happened to end up with one from each store at work. I couldn't help but compare them:

Wowza! The Harris Teeter apple is huge compared to the Giant. This is why I spend more at Harris Teeter! I buy 5 apples a week... the HT apples probably weigh twice as much. I ate the HT apple today. I've decided it's too much for me...I want my small produce, please! 

And yes, I've been reduced to blogging about the size of my produce. 

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