Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ruby's favorite things

I have been accused of having a spoiled puppy. Sure, she barks and I come running, but it's not like she gets doggie ice cream (only that once, when we went to the ice cream parlor... really. It had bacon bits.) She doesn't get cookies all the time, only when she goes into her crate (so at least 2 a day) and treats on special occasions. I could spoil her a lot worse, the way she begs for food. But she LOVES her toys. She is very good about keeping them intact and actually still has every single toy she's ever gotten. Maybe that's why it seems like she is spoiled.
This is Petunia the Manatee. I got the stuffed animal from Erin last Christmas, and Ruby decided she really liked it. I tried to keep her away from it, but I get more use of it this way.She really loves the squeaky ones. She will sit and squeak for hours. Especially while I'm on the phone. The yellow spiky ball is squeak-squeak and the pink octopus is Vernon.  She also has a turtle named Everett. 

I could be a lot worse. At least I don't have any clothes for her yet. Although she would look SO CUTE in an argyle vest...


Emily said...

She would look cute. Especially if you had a matching one.

Dawn McKinstry said...

I LOVE that all her toys have people names. And you might have to dress her, with you moving her up north and all. But you have to promise us that if you do, you have to post pics!