Monday, December 22, 2008

packing label coffee table

During Christmas break 2 years ago, I visited a friend in Orlando. We had breakfast in downtown Oviedo, at a great greasy spoon diner (one of my joys in life). Right next to the diner was an antique store that was going out of business. Most of the stuff was bad, and not in a kitschy "this is so retro" kind of way. It was no wonder it was going out of business. But they did have a large box of produce packing labels that were 50% off. Labels are a great combination of agriculture and design. They were so clever with the names and designs of each company. So I bought several, mostly from the South, for several different types of produce. Later, I found a coffee table at a yard sale - the perfect way to display them. I covered them with Liquid Glass epoxy resin to keep them protected. Besides some bumpy edges, I really like my little table.

Ignore the messy state of my living room (although this is normally what it looks like...)

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Kim said...

Love it! I hope the movers take good care of it.