Monday, September 29, 2008

Playing Mommy

While Emily was out of town last week I got the opportunity to take her spot in the family. Of course there is no substitute for Mommy, but I tried. Kaity, Will and even John were all relatively well behaved. They listened to me for the most part and didn't throw too many tantrums (well John had that one... but I gave him a beer and he was ok). 
One of my favorite things about little kids is all the great things they say. They are constantly surprising me, either with astute observations or an ever expanding vocabulary.

My favorite thing Kaity told me was that I shouldn't worry, I would marry a boy. And until then, I had her as a girlfriend. 

I'm glad the 3-year-old has confidence in my future.

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Dawn McKinstry said...

Kids can be so insightful (and they're adorable by the way!).