Monday, June 21, 2010

St. Louis

Em and I had the opportunity to meet in St. Louis (although we didn't go to the fair or dance the hoochie coochie). It was hot and my overall impression was damp. Our room was damp, it was incredibly humid outside, and we went through some terrible storms.
We got out one night and we were able to go to the arch and to dinner downtown with my friend Lauri from Florida and her mom. The arch was incredible! I want to go back with my good camera, which didn't go on this trip. We walked through the museum in the bottom and Em bought some presents for the kids. As we walked to the restaurant it was just turning to dusk and the fireflies came out. Tons of them! It was magical.
It looks like the Washington Monument if you don't get the curve...
and I had to do some effects to lighten this one, kind of making it look like we weren't really there but photoshopped in...
But I've got the proof that Lauri went to great lengths to get that picture!

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