Saturday, May 22, 2010

texts from last month

There is a website that most of my generation is aware of that posts people's texts from the night before. Well one thing about the iPhone is that it saves your text conversations with people so you can see them later. My conversations don't really compare to that other website, but they are pretty entertaining to look back at. Here are some of the texts I've gotten lately.

the last texts I've gotten from sarah:
S:"Freelance whales"
S: "It's a fat suit."

Anna's last text: "There is a duck on my flight?!?! he is in seat 12a and keeps quacking?!!! Insane."

Brady: "Horse lecture in animal science...remind me to bring a dull rusty butter knife for my wrist next time..."

Just a brief peek into my friends' lives and my relationships with them... says a lot about us...

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Karen said...

It's even funnier when you know the people who sent those texts.... Brady and Anna crack me up!