Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things to do this Spring

This is my evolving list of things to do this spring. with the promise of snow tomorrow and Saturday, I can't stop thinking about what I want to do when there's flowers blooming and leaves on the trees. This is also an initial draft of what I want to do when Mom and Dad come to town.

National Zoo - I STILL haven't made it. Now I have the ability to walk from my house (about a mile away...) and it's a Smithsonian.
Arboretum - Azaleas! Capitol Columns!
Waterfront fish market -across the street from my work. Friendly people from all walks of life eating fresh seafood. My favorites are watching them shuck oysters and seeing all the crabs moving around. I also like that you are stationary and the goods and merchants float with the tides, meaning sometimes they are down at your feet. Don't wear a skirt here. I think I'll eat lunch there tomorrow.
Charlottesville/ Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's house! It's supposed to be better than Mt. Vernon. It's also 3 hours away.


Erin and Luke said...

It is better and I am very partial to GW's house. TJ does have great Garden's though and really neat inventions.

Emily said...

When are mom and dad coming?

AlliJean said...

Middle of April - around their birthdays, if mom decides to fly. At least they were thinking about it.