Friday, November 6, 2009

October we hardly knew ye

Where oh where did you go, tenth month of the year? You are gone, and so is my old roommate. My new one is here, and, thankfully, a little more compatible with me. She's so west coast Seattle, in a good way.

Any who, here is a recap of the trip that I took to Indiana...

Fall colors (for you mom!) at the Purdue Research Farm, where I 'helped' Sam gather samples for work. I also helped conduct some groundbreaking wheat genetics work (ie. I put lots and lots of samples in numerical order and then weighed them).

Sam and I at an outing to a downtown bar. I miss cheap drinks and good friends.
More spotting of "the LEAF," this time on Anna (and Sam's) street. They live close enough to downtown you can walk. Although I'm not sure how they do it once it's below freezing.
Anna and me at the corn maze! It was the scariest and funniest thing I've done in a long time.
Helping to make spaetzla: German egg noodles. See? I'm GERMAN! Also, we were watching the Florida - Arkansas game on Anna's laptop, trying not to throw things (like wooden spoons) at it.

I'm so thankful that I got to spend time with friends, and I didn't have to pay for my plane ticket. I think all work conferences should follow my friends around so I can visit for cheap.

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