Friday, October 2, 2009

dig chivalry a hole, I think it's dead

I've often heard that chivalry is dead, but I've never really thought there was much truth to it. I've always had guys hold open doors, pay (or at least offer) for movies, food, etc, even when it's not a date, and generally be nice. Maybe I just know very sincere guys, or perhaps the Southern stereotype prevails.
But I've noticed since moving North a definite lack in this area. Guys I've met here don't come to the door when they pick you up. It's happened to me a couple of times and happened to my roommate tonight. The guy calls or texts and says they are outside. Really? you can't walk 20 steps to my door and knock? And holding the door open... well that is truly rare. It's disheartening that my generation can't get these simple actions right. I'm all for independence, but I think these actions are more about respect than anything else. I guess I have a new standard to measure my dates and friends by.


Dawn McKinstry said...

I'm with you Alli. A text vs. a knock on the door for a date is unacceptable in my book.

Karen said...

Me too, Alli! That's just WRONG, plain and simple. Get your butt to the door or don't bother. Sheesh...who do these guys think they are?