Monday, June 21, 2010

why i love my neighborhood (columbia heights addition)

  • the latin bakery that runs on mondays, wednesdays and fridays and makes the 3 blocks around it smell delicious
  • hopscotch on the sidewalk
  • the man with the push cart that sells ice water in flavors like limon, mango, coco, and rainbow
  • stoop sitting
  • the little girls that wave to me from their front window when I'm waiting for a light to change
  • exchanging hellos with the crossing guard, or who ever happens to be on their porch
  • the dog who seriously looks like Rowlf from the muppets
  • fireflies!
  • the interesting fashion
  • the soccer field that is never empty
  • new community market
  • only Target in the city
  • things like this happen here
  • the little hispanic woman that sits by the soccer field and sells agua and sliced mango, with sauce, just like in latin america
  • the guy by the metro holding a paint brush and has an easel set up who asks for money for art supplies
  • the Lincoln Continental with the "missing Linc" license plate
  • This bar, opening this week!


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